The Comedy Intensive

After an Intro Work or Coaching Session with Lesly or a member of our faculty, experienced and/or trained actors aged 18 and over may be offered placement in a Comedy Intensive.

We believe that “Dying is easy, comedy is hard,” and if you can do comedy, you can do anything. That’s why we begin with comedy. Even if you have studied for years.

Our goal is to ensure that you will excel at any offer presented to you by your rep, and at any audition that lands in your inbox, whether it’s comedy, drama, Shakespeare, or Sorkin. We utilize material from what is perceived to be the most difficult genre – comedy – to immerse you into our cutting edge, state-of-the art approach to acting and text-analysis. You’ll find that comedy is incredibly fun and tends to involve far fewer tears.

Plus, you’ll learn a whole new way to approach your material, your acting, your auditions, your marketing, and, frankly, your world.

Comedy Intensives are taught by Lesly and LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class and to rehearse every day in between them. In addition, we provide a great deal of amazing things to read and watch. You’re going to be busy, so get ready.

In order to enroll in our Comedy Intensive, you must have previously completed an Intro Work Session or coached with Lesly or a member of our faculty. If you have yet to do that, click one of the links above.

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