The Comedy Intensive

Many experienced and/or trained actors are offered placement placed in a Comedy Intensive after an Intro Work Session.

You’ve heard the saying “Dying is easy, comedy is hard, right? We believe that’s true. If you can do comedy, you can do anything. So that’s where we start at LK&Co. Leslwants to ensure that you can do any offer your agent presents you, any audition that ends up in your inbox, whether it’s comedy, drama, Shakespeare or Sorkin. So while we are using comedy texts during the Comedy Intensive, we are teaching basic acting and text analysis. We teach that using comedy because it’s easier and way more fun.

You’ll learn new ways to look at your material, your acting, your auditions, your marketing, and, frankly, your world.

Comedy Intensives are taught by Lesly and LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class and to rehearse every day in between. Plus you’re going to have a lot of stuff to read and watch. You’re gonna be busy. Get ready.  And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In order to enroll in our Comedy Intensive, you must have previously completed an Intro Work Session. For actors 18 and over.

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