Intro Work Session

Take us for a test drive.

Out of respect for the privacy of our actors, we do not offer auditing of our classes.

Instead, we invite you to actually takea unique class we’ve designed for actors who don’t yet know us. You won’t just watch us work with other actors  you’ll work with us directly, one-on-one.

Come to an Intro Work Session and take home a ton of secrets.

During our work together, we’ll get to know you and your acting so that we can offer you the best class for you based on your work — not just your resume, reel, or referral. Plus, you’ll find out if we’re a good fit for youIf we don’t think you need class, we won’t recommend it. We are not in the business of fixing what ain’t broke.

You’ll finish class far better equipped to handle The Business, your auditions, your acting, and quite possibly – your life.

Our classes are available to actors 18 and over unless otherwise noted.

Ready to get started?

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