We have four different levels of coaches, all of whom have trained extensively with Lesly. The higher the level, the more the experience. They’re all wildly talented and wonderful. If you’re a first-time client, please select a Level Three or Four coach, or choose Lesly for your coach.

  • Audition coaching: Stressing over a set of audition sides?
  • Dialogue Coaching: Mystified by some dialogue? Need to prep an entire film before going on location? Want to create a great character arc for your series regular this season?
  • Other Performance Coaching: Need help with your interpretation of a song? Want to spice up your stand-up? Need guidance on your SNL audition?
  • Professional Coaching: Are you a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) wanting help with your public speaking skills?
  • Career Counseling: Our faculty are available to offer guidance on headshots, resumes, career issues, or just to help you figure out what you’re doing with your life!

How long of a coaching session should you book?
Our coaches work on a 50-minute hour (that’s a full session). A half-session is about 25 minutes. A three-quarter session is about 40 minutes. You get the picture. All new clients must book at least a half-session.

  • For two or three pages of material, we usually recommend a half or three-quarter session.
  • Just a page? A quarter session might work.
  • If it’s your first time at LK&Co., the minimum is a half session, and we’ll book you with a seasoned Level Three or Four coach.
  • Want to film your audition with your coach as your reader?! Yes! (We call these Z-CaT Sessions.) Just add some time or schedule a second session, either right after the first, or later if you’d like to rehearse on your own in between the sessions.

Need more help? Send us an email to and we’ll get right on it!

If you are adding coaching to your Film Room Rental reservation, please be aware that not all of our coaches are offering live coaching at this point. You may select your preferred coach and we will let you know if they are available or we will offer an alternative.

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