Ongoing Classes (Zoom)

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All classes are currently being held via Zoom; we will remain on Zoom until the world rights itself and we are safe to be meeting in person once again.

Ongoing classes meet weeklyThe number of weeks depends on the month.

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Getting into Ongoing classes is the third and final step in the LK&Co. class progression!

Before signing up for an Ongoing class, you must have previously completed our Acting Essentials or Comedy Intensive, and Technique Clinic classes.This is not because we think you lack talent; it’s just that some people in the ongoings have been in and out of the classes for years (e.g., they withdraw when they get acting work), and it’s hard on them to constantly have to go back over the basics. We’ve found everyone is happier if those new to Ongoing have taken Essentials or a Comedy Intensive, and a Technique Clinic.