More Or Les

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Our new class — a daily, high-intensity Kahncept bootcamp for actors called More Or Les — is official! Two, short, kickass classes per day for four weeks. All classes take place on Zoom.

Two participation options are available:   

  1. Working Actor (“WA”) – $175 (that’s only $4.38 per class!)
    A limited number of these spots are available. Performers are selected from this group.
  2. Undercover Actors – $95 (that’s $2.38 per class!)
    Watch and learn. 

See Required Prerequisites below. 

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While we are continuing to offer weekly, long, intense, community-oriented, four to six hour Ongoing classes, we’re now also offering More Or Les: daily, 40–60-minute Ongoing-level classes!     

We’ve been beta testing More Or Les (aka “MOL”) since May. With the help of our amazing actors, we’ve been getting mind-blowing responses like:    

    • Get in, get your workout and your acting hours for the day, and get out.  
    • [MOL is] helping me to get my 10,000 hours in so to speak. Love the sense of community it is building. 
    • Bootcamp without the torture!  
    • I haven’t booked in forever, and I booked a job!
    • I LOVE the structure of the class. It’s no bullshit. No wasting time. No feelings. It’s great.  
    • Having the rotating teachers feels more like going in for different CDs or working with different directors; everyone says things a little differently. 
    • I love the format, the community, the exposure to material, the re-instilling of lessons, and the lack of pressure but opportunity to perform. 
    • It’s like HIIT (high intensity interval training) — but for acting; HILT! High Intensity Lesly Training. 
    • My reps are so much happier with my work now. They say my tapes are getting great response from casting!  
    • It doesn’t give me time to procrastinate, make excuses nor over-think. It’s also helping me deal with my perfectionism. It’s giving me crazy direction. I even find that I have far less anxiety with real auditions. 
    • Looking at sides every day is changing everything!! 
    • It helps me be professional on set when the script changes and keeps my skills sharp. 
    • LOVE this class. Love the quick pace. Love that we get straight to the work and to the notes.   
    • My motivation has increased. [MOL is] 80% of it. 
    • This class is much more applicable for the constantly auditioning actor because you get to touch more material each week and be constantly reminded of the things that we learned about in Intensive and Clinic.  
    • It’s like technique on steroids. 
    • I am more open in my current auditions. 
    • It’s to the point. I’m here to know how to master scene[s] so that I can apply the lessons to the audition I have 20 minutes after, or the day on set I have tomorrow.  
    • My process is more efficient now. 
    • Getting to tackle new material daily makes me feel like so many “muscles” are getting stronger. 
    • I love not having the PRESSURE to perform especially when some days we have five other auditions and we just want to enjoy learning.   
    • The energy is boosting me up and inspiring me. I’m learning so much about navigating this new normal of self-tapes.  
    • It is making me feel invincible, that I can handle anything thrown at me. 
    • Daring to suck feels less scary when you have the opportunity to do it more often. 
    • I am just so thankful for all y’all do to help us achieve our dreams. Lesly has talked about her love of actors in ways that really moved my heart. I am thankful for the confidence y’all are helping me build. Thank you so much for making this option affordable to many more and sharing the love. Also, it is so cool to meet so many more of the students and teachers. This community is fuckin rad. 

In October we’re again offering TWO classes every weekday for four weeks. That’s 40 classes in all. Lesly’s teaching and so are Lisa, Grant, Mal, Rex, Katie, Jessica, and Alison… and maybe more!     

We post two short pieces of material the night before each class (one for each class the next day) so there isn’t an enormous amount of prep involved (but there is some). Working Actors may perform in one of the two class sessions per day.  

If you have five auditions the next day, no problem. You don’t have to act if you’re crazy busy with other stuff. You don’t even have to come to class if you don’t want to (though we’ll miss you). 

We do not provide video or audio tapes of the classes, but the class provides its own notes! 

Required Prerequisites 

You MUST have taken the following classes at LK&Co. in order to be eligible for More Or Les: 

  • The Acting Essentials or a Comedy Intensive,  
  • a Technique Clinic, and  
  • at least one full month of Ongoing classes. 

There are two participation levels available: 

  1. Working Actor (“WA”) – $175 (that’s only $4.38 per class!)
    A limited number of these spots are available. Performers are selected from this group.
  2. Undercover Actors – $95 (that’s $2.38 per class!)
    Watch and learn. 

These classes are geared toward actors who  

  1. don’t have time for a long, weekly, Ongoing class and rehearsals, but still want to expand their skills, improve their habits, have a community and stay in the game, or 
  2. are in Ongoing Class but also want/need daily accountability, or 
  3. want to learn but don’t have time to fully prepare and perform. 

Depending on your participation level, you’re welcome to  

  • do it all: prepare, show up and work,  
  • just watch and get an infusion of reminders, 
  • prepare and just watch, or 
  • even cold read (if you dare, after watching a couple people work).   

We don’t want this class to stress you out! We just want to give you another way to improve your craft. Please do not feel like you must attend every meeting of the class. Come when you can. It’s like the gym. Sure you SHOULD go every day, but if you’re on set acting with Meryl Streep, you should probably stay there.    

More Or Les October schedule (some shifts may happen)

Classes take place two times per weekday, with exceptions noted at the end of the month. The exact schedule will be emailed to you about 24 hours before the first session, which will be Monday, October 3rd at 10 am Pacific. 

Week 1

  • Mon., Oct. 3 at 10 am & 2 pm
  • Tues., Oct. 4 at 11 am & 5 pm
  • Wed., Oct. 5 at 11:15 am & 3 pm
  • Thurs., Oct. 6 at 11 am & 5 pm
  • Fri., Oct. 7 at 1 pm & 5:30 pm

Week 2

  • Mon., Oct. 10 at 10 am & 2 pm
  • Tues., Oct. 11 at 11 am & 5:30 pm
  • Wed., Oct. 12 at 11:15 am & 4 pm
  • Thurs., Oct. 13 at 11 am & 6 pm
  • Fri., Oct. 14 at 1 pm & 5:30 pm

Week 3

  • Mon., Oct. 17 at 10 am & 1:45 pm
  • Tues., Oct. 18 at 11 am & 5 pm
  • Wed., Oct. 19 at 11 am & 2:15 pm
  • Thurs., Oct. 20 at 11 am & 5 pm
  • Fri., Oct. 21 at 1 pm & 5 pm

Week 4

  • Mon., Oct. 24 at 10 am & 4 pm
  • Tues., Oct. 25 at 11 am & 4 pm
  • Wed., Oct. 26 at 10 am & 4 pm
  • Thurs., Oct. 27 at 10 am & 5 pm
  • Fri., Oct. 28 at 1 pm

Week 5

  • Mon., Oct. 31 at 2 pm (final class followed by a feedback conversation at the end)

The directions to access the assignments, Zoom link, and schedule will be emailed to you approximately 24 hours before the first class from Maybe put that address in your safe whatever lists so you get the email.  

More Or Les Membership 

While More Or Les is officially out of beta testing, we’re still building something new here. We’ll continue to welcome your feedback and input to make sure More Or Les supports your professional growth at a reasonable cost while being a fun way to level up your skills. 

It would be great if you could stay late for the last session on Monday, October 31 to share what worked and didn’t work. 

Recordings of classes are not made available. There are no make-ups. More Or Les is not refundable or transferable. 

Participation Level

Working Actor (begins October 3), Undercover Actor (begins October 3)