Technique Booster with Lisa Linke + Dan Sanders-Joyce (In-Person)


Has it been been awhiiiiiiile since you’ve been in class? Feeling a little rusty? It’s soooo important to be READY for that audition or callback because you never know when it’s coming. Lisa Linke and Dan Sanders-Joyce got your back with this in-person refresher series so you’re building those skills on the regular.

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Does this sound like anyone you know? 

  • “OMG, I haven’t rehearsed in forever!”  
  • Uccchhhh, I forgot so much stuff from The Comedy Intensive!”  
  • Where the FUCK are the THREES?!”  
  • “What’s stichomythia again??” 
  • “I gotta get baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack into claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss!” 

You, maybe? 

Unless you’re actively rehearsing all the time with fellow Kahnstituents, getting auditions can really highlight how rusty your skills are 

And that sucks. We want you to be EAGER and EXCITED to show off how fabulous you are on tape, in the room and on the set!  

LK&Co. coaches and teachers Lisa Linke and Dan Sanders-Joyce are ready to get you quickly and painlessly refreshed on everything you learned (and probably forgot) since you were last in class during our Technique Booster (not to be confused with . . .  other boosters). 

You’ll also fall in love with a whole new group of people to rehearse with! 

And did we mention we’re holding the Technique Booster IN PERSON back at the Kahnstitute?!?!?!   

By the time you’ve finished the last of the three 4-hour Booster classes, you will feel confident hopping into an Ongoing Class for support with all your auditions and bookings.  

The dates for the Technique Booster are: 

  • Thursday, July 21; Monday, July 25 and Thursday, July 28 
  • Classes run from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm each day. 


In order to join the Technique Booster, you’ll need to: 

  • have previously completed Acting Essentials or a Comedy Intensive, as well as a Technique Clinic, and 
  • be fully vaccinated and boosted.  

Workshops are not refundable or transferable. Due to the special nature of this offering, make-ups are not available.