Create Your Own Short Film; concept to shooting script in 8 weeks with Bradley Stryker


This 8-week course will be taught through a hybrid model, which will allow actors the opportunity to engage in a hands-on approach, as well as have the flexibility to be remote.

Classes will run April 4th through May 23rd — read details in full below.




Have you ever wanted to cast yourself in roles that you have been dreaming to play? Have you ever wanted to tweak a script line or two? Have you ever thought of a film idea but weren’t sure how to execute it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is your sign that this workshop is for YOU.

This class is set out with one main goal in mind: beginning your journey to tell your own stories through short format filmmaking; and taking the power back as an artist by creating your own content.

In this course you will learn all about: 

  • Inspiration to execution / cultivating your vision,
  • Creating your OWN content,
  • Demystifying the idea that writing is a mysterious thing,
  • Taking the power back in your career,
  • Moving up the ladder, and
  • How to pull yourself out of the crowd.

This 8-week course will be taught through a hybrid model, which will allow actors the opportunity to engage in a hands-on approach, as well as have the flexibility to be remote.

Classes will run April 4th through May 23rd.

Month One: will take place every Tuesday via Zoom on April 4th – April 25th. From 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM PT.

Month Two: will take place every Tuesday, in person at the Kahnstitute (Lesly Kahn and Company – 1720 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046) on May 2nd – May 23rd. Month two will also be live via Zoom for those who cannot make it to the studio. From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PT.

Please note, there will be mandatory weekly homework. If you don’t do the homework, the class will hold very little value for you.

Course Outline:

We will start with the inspiration. What story is it you want to tell? And why? Once we’ve ironed that out, we will move into the practical pen to paper; fingers on computer keys; ground up, building of said story. Brainstorming will lead us to creating a strong concept, characters, and story beats/structure. Which will lead us to a story outline. Which will lead us to writing the script. Which will lead us to workshopping the script. Which will lead us to Bradley’s favorite part, rewriting the script into a finished product ready for production.

Week #1 – BRAINSTORM week: Introductions; movie discussion; story discussion; character discussion; and the initial inspiration brainstorm.

Week #2 – CONCEPT week: Brainstorm discussion (conclusions of week #1 brainstorm) – which will be built into a discussion of concept/premise, this is the week in which the topic of your short film will be finalized.

Week #3 – CHARACTER week: With concepts in place, the next step is character breakdown, and discovering how to create an in-depth character profile.

Week #4 – STORY STRUCTURE week: A discussion on story structure will lead to creating a one-page outline of your story, which will prep you to complete your step-by-step outline for your short film.

Week #5 – OUTLINE WORKSHOP week: Everyone shares their step outlines with the class; using each other for proactive, positive feedback to strengthen those outlines.

Week #6 – SCREENPLAY mechanics week: Talk through the mechanics of writing a screenplay — de-mystifying the writing process and giving each student the knowledge they will need to write their short film. By the end of class every participant should have their first 1-3 pages of their script written.

Week #7 – SCREENPLAY workshop pt. 1: Read through the screenplays as a class. Give productive and positive notes to each other; and will begin the process of rewriting.

Week #8 – SCREENPLAY workshop pt.1 : Read and possibly re-read (from the previous week) screenplays – followed up with more productive and positive notes to send each of us on our way with an official game-plan for a completely finished product.

About Bradley:

Bradley Stryker has garnered over 50 Independent film awards as an Actor/Writer/Director/Producer in his well over two decades in the TV/Film industry. He has 100+ professional acting credits to his name; 3 feature films as a writer/director under his belt; he’s also optioned another 5 feature film screenplays; and he has in total written 15 short films, 29 feature films, and two TV pilots. His first feature film, LAND OF SMILES, was a 35x award-winning film on the festival circuit; his second feature film, SHELTERING SEASON, just received a US theatrical release in October of 2022; and his third feature film, MOMMA BIRD, is currently mid post-production. He’s been an avid writer/director for going on 15 years, and it’s his pleasure to share some of what he’s learned with you all here at LK studios.

A recording will NOT be available, so please only sign up if you can attend live at the studio. Please add the date to your calendar when you sign up. A confirmation / reminder will be emailed to you 24–48 hours before the class from

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Workshops are not refundable or transferable. Please do not no-show! If you cannot make it or will be late, email us at at least 24 hours prior to class. If you no-show, you jeopardize your future participation in classes and workshops at Lesly Kahn & Co.