Intro Work Session with Lesly (Tuesdays on Zoom)


All classes are currently being held via Zoom; we will remain on Zoom until the world rights itself and we are safe to be meeting in person once again.

This class lasts approximately three hours and generally accommodates around ten actors.  


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This is the perfect “sneak peek” into Lesly’s unique approach to text analysis. In this one-session class, not only will you be listening and observing, but you’ll actually get to put your new skills to the test in front of Lesly!

About a week before your scheduled session, we’ll send you material to be explored during class.  Please prepare as you would if you were preparing for an actual audition You won’t be able to determine if we can assist you and we won’t be able to evaluate your work if you are cold-reading.

At the end of class, Lesly will know exactly what to recommend for you, whether it be class with us, class elsewhere, voice work, accent reduction, improvisation, coaching or even just a nice vacation.

We look forward to meeting you!