Paying For Your Dreams: Booking Commercials with Alex Quijano


How can you make more money doing what you love? Acting in commercials!

In this 2-part class series held in person at the Kahnstitute in Hollywood, you’ll learn the ins and outs so you can rock those auditions for all kinds of spots.

Alex has returned from filming a new pilot with HBO and other bookings!!! The new class dates are Wednesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 24, 6–9 pm (or later) each night.

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There’s a difference between the dream job and paying for your dreams. 

Alex Quijano has done both. He’s a working actor (recently:  911 LONE STAR, NCIS: HAWAII, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: THE MUSICAL, etc.)* who’s done over 130 national commercials. He’s also worked in commercial casting for more than 15 years, so he knows allllll the secrets.  

He’s sharing his perspective from both sides of the camera so you can land more commercials (read: More acting! More money!!!) and leave that restaurant job behind.  

  • Commercials give you lots of time on set so you’re MORE comfortable when theatrical opportunities come in. 
  • Five to seven commercials a year pays for health insurance and can be the foundation of a solid livelihood. 

How amazing would it be to have that financial stress relieved while still doing what you LOVE?!!!! 

In this two-class series held in person at the Kahnstitute in Hollywood, you’ll learn: 

  • How easy a commercial audition is (yes, you’re making it hard on yourself!), 
  • What the product and the advertisers are asking of you, 
  • How to handle both in-person and Zoom commercial auditions, 
  • Framing on camera and TV (it’s not the same as Zoom), and 
  • How to deliver what’s written, even unfamiliar lingo (commercial copy isn’t always perfect or pretty). 

There’s a reason why you see the same people in commercials over and over again, and Alex will demystify what you need to become one of them. Since he works in commercial casting, Alex will also help you understand what’s being asked of you from casting’s point of view. 

You’ll come away knowing how to prepare for: 

  • 15–, 30– and 45-second spots, 
  • Two-person spots, 
  • Spokesperson roles, and 
  • Zoom. 

Alex will also share the REAL dos and don’ts: who makes the decisions, little things that can get in your way, and little things you can’t control. 

This series is held in person so you can see yourself and fellow actors on camera and TV. 

Each actor will submit a commercial tape before each class, so everyone will receive specific guidance. 

Class dates*

  • New dates: Wednesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 24
  • 6–9pm (or later!)

IMPORTANT: Since this series is held in person, you must be fully vaccinated to enroll. Proof needs to be emailed to

In-person classes are located at The Kahnstitute, 1720 N. La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles, California. Street parking. Actors can now park at the Metropolis parking lot right across the street from our studio! The rate is $10/day, no validation needed, and it’s more convenient because you pay through an app.  


*Since Alex is a working actor, dates may shift if a booking comes up. In the event this happens, you will hear from us about rescheduling.